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Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Karachi

 Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Karachi

ARY Jeeto Asian country Helpline range. Additionally audience conjointly also will run to those viewers WHO be part of through live calls individuals fancy not simply been there however also to observe it it’s being the foremost common TV shows recently specially in Ramadan the show host is Fahad Mustafa the noted energetic actor and host he’s standard of his energy and since of his energy individuals like to watch the show. Jeeto Asian country call mark 2017, ARY Jeeto Asian countries helpline number Karachi range of this show Jeeto Pakistan lottery winner 2018 Jeeto Pakistan lucky winner list 2018.

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Lottery Winner 2018 AND 2019 could be a stage show of Pakistani channel ARY. It’s not solely watched in Asian nation however additionally within the countries wherever Urdu is understood. This can be associate degree amusement program that has viewership of feminine over men Jeeto lottery winner. If any program has billion viewers on that then there should be some people that have complained from this program will contact Jeeto Asian nation grievance head workplace Jeeto Pakistan lottery number. We’ll give data if you’ve got any of grievance from this program. Fahad Mustafa is that the Anker of the program WHO is actor, director and producer ARY Jeeto Pakistan winning numbers. This program relies on competition games and tasks. People who area unit winner or thriving in these tasks area unit given prize. Jeeto Asian nation head workplace range Jeeto Pakistan Lottery Winner 2018 Zong Jeeto Pakistan offer Jeeto Pakistan sms 8068.

Show Jeeto Pakistan Game Show Head Office Number Karachi

Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Karachi Pakistan

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To Jeeto Pakistan Lottery Winner 2018 Islamic Republic of Pakistan West Pakistan Asian country Asian nation grievance regarding any program you’ll be able to contact to its head workplace Jeeto Pakistan Lottery Winner grievance head workplace how to win bike in Jeeto Pakistan at home. Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Karachi Grievance workplace of Jeeto Asian nation is ARY channel. You’ll be able to grievance to ARY head workplace that is on the subject of you. Here could be a list of head workplace address and phone range. That of the grievance individual’s folk people could have folk could have completely different completely different complains to different programs they require to precise their opinion and wish involved people to concentrate them.

Karachi Head Office Number Jeeto Pakistan Show

At prime time multiple shows are presented on different TV channels Jeeto Pakistan head office number is one of such programs. It attracts equal attention of children youngsters as well as aged people. Main purpose to telecast this program is to entertain which is presented through light criticism and creating suspense among viewers. The host of the program is fahad Mustafa who is a talented guy.  The show was launched ion 18-05-2014 an airs at half past 7 in the evening. Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Karachi is called to be the best show for entertainment its ranking is increasing day by day. The participants receive prize after being successful in games, challenge or question competition. Vacation packages and household items are also gives to successful participants. Prizes are offered to the people are like cars .bikes. Gold, cash prize etc. mostly Jeeto Pakistan is organized in Karachi but occasionally it is on air from other cities of Pakistan and sometimes from other countries. this show was head office number, Jeeto Asian nation grievance head workplace Jeeto Pakistan lottery winner 2018. They will grievance that that Jeeto Asian nation is promoting vulgarism as there’s free mixture of each sexes male and feminine WHO move with each other with none restriction Jeeto Pakistan helpline number. We will see the dressing of women Jeeto Pakistan fake sms. Jeeto Asian nation grievance head workplace a number of them area unit carrying jeans and tight t shirts that isn’t acceptable by folk. Jeeto Asian nation head workplace range they will grievance that such dressing are going to be common within the society. Jeeto Asian nation sms range 8038.

Jeeto pakistan

Jeeto Pakistan Head Office number Karachi

Here is the list of Head Officer Number To have contact with any of program of ARY one needs to contact with ARY digital office numbers ,here are the numbers. 

ARY digital is one of the most watched channel of Pakistan. This is an international tv channel working in uk UAE Europe Usa. This is entertainment channel and such channel is liked by females in all over the world. Please help for Head Office Number

Fahad Mustafa host of the program Jeeto Pakistan

Fahad mustafa  was born in 26 June 1983. He is actor host producer and director. He is famous for his well known program jeeto Pakistan. This program Jeeto Pakistan lottery winner 2018 Asian country helpline range our web site. Jeeto Asian country may be a program a show wherever the fun began and therefore the prizes ARY simply thrilling And supported program that is value look and collaborating Jeeto Pakistan winner list 2017 it’s ventilated in ARY digital an exciting and wealth around all the corner before of all the individuals and crowd no one goes home empty bimanual Jeeto Pakistan lottery winner.

Fahad Mustafa was first seen in tv play sheeshe ka mehak meanwhile he started production. He also worked in other Tv serials like hall e dil bahoo rani ae dasht e junoon masuri aashti pul siraat mastana  main abdul qadir hoo and koi nahi apna. In 2014 he made a film na ma loom afrad with nabeel querashi. In2016 he worked in movie actor in law this movie won best movie of the year award his movie mustana won best actor award he hosted the launching of Karachi kings in 2017.  Jeeto Pakistan Then he also hosted the opening ceremony of PSL 2017 in Dubai. He is also playing important role in sequal of na maloom afrad. Which first part was a super hit. Na maloom afrad 2 will launch in 2017 while jawani phir nahi aani part 2 will release in 2018 in which fahad musatfa playes central role.  the all information about Head Office Number Call Now : As for as show biz is concerned he ha s earned reputation that whatever drama or movie he acts become superhot. His acting is quite natural and appealing. Women children youngsters and people like him equally.  Same programs are released from other channels but they cane earned bit profit and disappeared because they could not beat fahad Mustafa’s talent. Aamir liaqat is also a big competitor of fahad Mustafa who keeps on trying tricks against fahad Mustafa but aamir liakat could not take position of fahad mustafa  Show Head Office Number

How Jeeto Pakistan attracts our attention

There are various characteristics through which jeeto Pakistan attracts our attention Best Anker No doubt fahad Mustafa is the best anker no one can surpass him. Found Amir liaqat and  Waseem Akram struggling before him but they are for behind from him . fahad Mustafa is blunt and funny guy who easily wins heart of his audients. Other aspect is back ground and scene of the show. When we see the show jeeto Pakistan it appeals our eyes because they used light color in back ground of the show. Audience is sitting on first floor in round position while show is being organized at basement which is easily watchable by all of the audience. He can interact to each and every when he is doing program. Anker can have close eye on each and every viewer. Audience we find there of each sex and age so that people who are watching them on tv consider as they are members of their family and they themselves are participating. Other remarkable feature is expensive prizes. Those who receive these prizes there becomes change, prizes are highly expensive they are cars bikes gold up to 15 tola cash prizes ovens fridges and other house house  stuff. We can see these gifts are being given to common people who could not afford to buy them at themselves. Other feature is suspense; this Call Head Office Number at Jeeto Pakistan Show

The Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Karachi and address blow

Anker creates suspense among the audience and players. Anker presented different boxes with prizes in them. One box has 3 tola gold other box has 15 tola gold. Hence there is 3 to 15 tola gold in boxes. He let player to select a box of his own choice then he asks whether he is satisfy with selection or he wants to change. One time player select one box and then other. His best decision may reward more and more amount.  this Jeeto Pakistan Show Complete information about Head Office Number Call.

Participate Jeeto Pakistan head office number karachi

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Jeeto Pakistan Show to Live at Every Friday & Sunday

The show in which fun and entertainment never stop is one and only Jeeto Pakistan. This show is very popular in all Pakistan and other countries. Jeeto Pakistan is realism gaining show of ARY Digital TV channel this channel is very famous in Pakistan. Jeeto Pakistan is also known as the biggest game show of Pakistan this show is presented by Fahad Mustafa. He is a famous actor producer and host of Pakistani media. He also know as a big hero of Pakistan film industries his acting is very good in jeeto Pakistan his hosting is very funny and interesting that is why this show is proved successful in all Pakistan and other countries. Jeeto Pakistan game show is broadcasting successfully on Pakistani biggest tv channel ARY Digital and it dependent on different games and tricks . Jeeto Pakistan is aired every Friday and Sunday at 7:30 pm at ARY Digital chanel. People watch this show regularly because fahad mustafa entertaining the people from different games. Jeeto Pakistan game show is not Famous only in Pakistan but it also very famous in other different countries and that is why some shows are held in other countries like as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India USA and UK etc. Many people desire to participate in jeeto Pakistan game show because it proved the most famous and entertaining game show in Pakistan and its passes are not get easily but many lucky people get the passes of jeeto Pakistan and participate in this show. People who participate in this they can get many prizes and gifts with a simple questions and answers. In jeeto Pakistan there are different segments which paly in jeeto Pakistan and entertaining the people these segments are below.

SEGMENTS of Jeeto Pakistan :

  • Bigul Bajao Inam Pao
  • Jeet Ke Dikhao
  • Dil Waly Inam Ley jaengy
  • Handi Charhao Inam Pao
  • Abi To Main Jawan Hu
  • Celebrity Guest
  • Car Bachao Ghar Le Jao
  • Khul Gai Qismat
  • Fakhry Pakistan
  • Nanny Usatd
  • Baat Banti Hai
  • Sahulat Bazar

From these segments people get many big prizes and gits and all people enjoy yhis show very much because in Jeeto Pakistan game show Head Office Number Karachi Fahad Mustafa gave different challenges and task people who complete these tasks and challenges then they get big prizes and different gits and also People entertaining this game show jeeto Pakistan is a biggest game show Pakistan. There are many gifts like as motorcycle, washing machine LED, Dubai return tickets mobile phones, Refrigerator UPS, Generator and Umrah tickets etc. In jeeto Pakistan there are a big games og Gold in which people win gold in different quantities. Many people who participate in jeeto Pakistan they can get Gold 1 grams, 1 Tola, 3 Tola 5 Tola, 7 Tola and 20 Tola etc. Many people came in this show and get these prizes.There are totally different segments during this show within which they distribute the prizes Fahad is aware of fine WHO to thrill the audience Jeeto Pakistan lottery winner. The terribly initial phase is handi charhao inam pakao during this phase within the audience members come back to form a style dish in set time. They have to form a starter and sweet still beside that.  ARY Jeeto Pakistan winning numbers Jeeto Asian country lucky winner list Jeeto Pakistan lucky draw number.